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Sunday, 13 May 2012
guess what

hello. well i guess you were too busy to come into here to update le bah while i see you updated yours.

i wonder if you even come into this sp blog?

or maybe we should just shut it down?.

I guess those see you everyday de sure closer to you? Well we are like sharing partner in name only not in actions even when sharing I am always the last you will say and if I won't ask you won't say too.

I wonder how far have we drifted.
I wonder how long can this whole thing last?
I wonder how to become like last time.

good luck for your exams tomorrow remember to get 100/100
all the best :)

Wednesday, 9 May 2012
Hi sp

I am here to update recently you being going out since Monday to Friday from movie to eating to work to pool to k box all those I thinks it's good. It's good that you become hyper now always go out le but I think it's not good that now your over hyper.. You always go out le. I know you don't like going home early. And the places you go is those you told me you don't like de. Hmm well

If only you could take some time out SMS me and inform me that your going out I jiu won't have this weird feeling le.
If only you could be back you and SMS with me and start smses.
If only you could just take 1 min of your time and sent me a text just a text a word won't hurt you or waste your time right?.

But I am still happy for you for being able to change into someone more hyper then last time :)

I know everyday is not you want SMS with me de it's just your forcing yourself to. No problem I will leave automatically Kay. I want things to be back the same but I don't think it's possible le I am already someone you wouldn't want to text le.

See you sp remember to come in and take a look kays. Got time de hua na Kay's update some. I wish you the best of luck in your study's and in your life :)
Sorry I wasn't able to keep my promise of texting with you I want to its just it won't be like last time le like what you say bahs.
If you feel bu Kai xin do share with me or tell me na Kay's I will be there de but it's provided you want to tell me.
Because if you don't tell me I wont know.

I remember last time you said if I were to leave you will be sad. But now is it still the same answer?
Or it is leave jiu leave I don't bother le?

I am not blaming you ah just saying out bah as I feel really sad of what's happening to us now. I felt like crying

Sunday, 6 May 2012
confession to SP.

Dear sp,

i didnt know things will turn out this way.. i dont want this to happen too. so if you got come in here to read this post i guess you will understand le.

although i say i wanted to end... i am sad seriously am.... currently i dont know what to do.... i dont wish to end seriously..... i really wish we could go back like before noting talk also can sms you smile i smile and you enjoy your days...

okay anyway since you choose to stop first i wont say no. becuase i guess you have your reason for doing so. last time we didint have any thing to talk about we still sms like no body business.. but now we are like both giving up on this..

why neh?... i want to kknow why but never mind i will make a deal with you i am sure we will be back to normal soon! i want to see the happy you..

although i say i would give up my position as your sharing partner but doesnt mean i can take it. but if theres really someone u could share stuff and stay happy together de i will not say no.

i dont think you will be sad or what. but if you did do cheer soon okay. guess i am just thinking too much when i say you would be sad.

anyway i choose to end becuase i see you irritated by me everytime we chat not becuase i found another girl to chat with okay.. so dont misunderstand about this. you will always be the only one that i can talk and share and can tahan my idiot attitude de.

i just wish you will smile smile from now on kay? maybe you might feel relief finally can kick away my nagness le. but do take good care of yourself kays.

whenever you feel bored or sad you can always sms me if you want i will always be there during schoool anyone bullly ni also can tell me i will help for sure.

i promised i will be there and i wont break that. so you bu kai xin or semo i sure will sms with you but its whether you want to reply me mahs.

lets make a deal okay? 
when you have topic to talk to me will you sms me? if you will sms me yes.
i will always sms you abit at the morning will you reply my smses? if you will sms me yes.
i will sms you good night everyday will you reply me? if yes you will sms me yes.
will you go into this blog and read what i written and reply to my question? if you will sms me yes.
will you say good morning to me when you wake up? if you will sms me yes.

i really dont want this friendship to end.. really.. :(
kays hope you came in to read. and remember to answer my question kay?

Monday, 30 April 2012
Busy busy~

My sp is so busy now adays
I am so bored aiya guess you won't be coming in to see either hmm have fun outside~

Friday, 27 April 2012
hi sp

hellos sp. sorry for being so irriating this few days i know i piss you off somehow...
because when i thought of you studying alone with someone else and is a yes and is a sat when u cant go out yet make time out just to study together make me feel very angry....... i dont know why but never mind just wanna say i am sorry..
will try not to make you angry again...
you said before your scare of meeting up to study together so why now your aint afraid of him??

is it becuase i am scary? or is it because you dont like studying with me? or is it because your really very afraid of me that you dont dare to do anything with me? or is it becacuse you hate seeing me?

signing off.


Saturday, 21 April 2012
Hahas :)!!

Hello!!! Back to update for today!
Haha of course a lot post :x everyday I will post one!!! :) hahas hmm

Done homework yet? Ding ding soon le bahs jiayou!!

I on my way to
MBs Liao!!!! Lol~~~~~ scary places
Later back zai update! :)

Uh oh!

Forget update haha! Just in case you view the blog haha!

Okay now heading out to suntec le change card le maybe go home Liao! Haha my sp zai do homework!!!

Wa wa stresses stresses ah life lol! Okay later come back I zai continue update haha :)

Man man do ah super partner!!! Hmm jiayou! :)!!

Okay back to update!!! It's 21st today?? Sp how what is today ah? What's so special about today? Hahas!!

Of course because it's sp day mah hehe :) of course special haha! But anyway okay this is today's post can't type much le as whole body really painful :(

But a note to sp!

Hellos sp! It's 21st and haha it's special firstly
I wish you study good good and everyday happy!! :)
And then always stay with me at the 21st alrights? :D haha wish you happy and nice forever alright stay pretty and cute forever! :)! Wish you found your mr right soon! And hope you will defeat the fear for guys soon okay! :) be more social!!! Okay! End le :x

Laxus haha!